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To establish democracy by and for the American people the system must be destroyed, to run everything by public tribunals.  


The New World Order plan of the rich/after finding out from space exploration and powerful telescopes the secrecy, that the world is going to be destroyed when a red dwarf star hits the Sun in 3 years. Their plan is control the people with their paid for legislators to enslave them with a huge tax cut for the rich put USA two more trillion dollars in Debt in their business plans for higher wages and inflation to feast upon in it's escape to Mars: USA under their control to proceed/or overthrown!

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Mustard gas take out Washington, D.C., to  get riots and marches going to mow down, take out the Left everywhere:kill or deport! Not to fly the Nazi Flag, of another country, but the Confederate Flag, U.S. Flag over the dead bodies/the U.S. Constitution  "equals" from Mexico in my shoot to kill immigration policy for all the illegal types, or everyone of them packs-up and gets out. Either in police sweeps with militia and military support, die all of the other races and ethnic groups/rout out of America of 7 billion others, since 1950.


To stop the wild fires/in southern California, from Mexicans ever since 1948 starting fires in Santa Anna Winds, in scientific plans burn

down hundreds more, of American's homes. Where Americans there says they are afraid, to say they were intentionally set everything alive be paranoid schizophrenics in the USA. The Left loving their enemies to the end with looking away, from the dangers of Business, politicians and lawyers. Liberalism forcing in other races and foreign nationalities, forced into every American community the cause of all of my Racist Revolution Solution Plans.

Do the American people have the weapons, necessary to arm every willing American, in White America, for volunteers and draftees, for U.S. Military to choose from, for Military and Militia. In a world at constant cold, and hot war. Until only one people survives. We the people can make sports all White again.

Democracy would be beautiful, in the hands of the American people. By tribunals fashion their liberty according to what is good for all in-my U.S. government/instead made by and for the rich. With its lying and cheating, legal system and it's media/against the people for profit, since political inception of Wall Street! Therefore U.S. Military Revolution, is the only way White America will get representation in America, by eliminating politics. Shoot to Kill!

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My social-economic plan therefore is take over everything Military Coup dictatorship care of the people decide everything from everywhere U.S. folks are employed in the democracy they create, by my hand.

This kind of racist extremist Leadership, for the American Armed Forces a Military Coup and Media a fake: Such a coincidence a star coming up to hit the Sun right after the star Sirius since 2006 like yo-yo around southern hemisphere from northern hemisphere and back for 2020 Heil! Build USA underground. 

In America the human races hate each other with U.S. Constitution. Or otherwise in a cold war on the streets and at work, wherever the American people have to live under the state of equal opportunity the Majority of us white American people would like to overthrow. To need U.S. Military Coup to arm ourselves into State militias military coordinated Revolution. American citizen's purge America! Where the Genders Hate Each Other, eliminate woman's rights back to Constitution, First Amendment.

KKK was good during Segregation days, but better than that is something more like Nazi ways and means, to go on winning the West to completion. Making civilization in America anything like the American people Won, by a Revolution for Liberty, that lawyers only sell. 

When I was young sports was great for me in the 1950's, U.S. sports was all White, but took to 1959 for our NFL Championship still White. Everyone standing-up for our American Flag.

We the American People get, but do not want U.S. Constitution for lawyers' secret society to change its Elected meaning to serve Business with its Political Agendas. Therefore the system's faulty immigration policy solution is suspend the U.S. Constitution, while America is being restored, in Military Coup, at http://www.misterinbetween.com , or die in the regular increase in the cost of living: Business and politics making a killing.

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We have an inept President Donald Trump, because of organized crime that infiltrated into the political and economic system into seats in U.S. government. Fattened-up with stolen cash from the People eventually, like from insurance, crime. Secret Societies, the Left, that White America must exterminate, their families and all/confiscate-everything!

I use to like to draw and dimension tools and dies, which is all done by robots in China now that makes me unemployed, working here on finishing up on web page making, before I go do something about the future. Where I have to get through that place on the other side of Gravity Currents. Which are now only vaguely detected by science occupied space so boring to be called Heaven on gravity current origin! Two Gravity Charges, connected. Uphold only physics chemistry biology and scientific Laws. Like keeps on working the way they do leaves everything else only free radicals, that Rebel. 

Free in Revolutions, militia like to shoot-up and blow-up the enemy. Yet sports life was great for me in America in the 1950's when everyone was White in it/until the 1959 NFL Championship. When all of the Bowl games were still White, when everyone was safe to come home late;you did not need to lock up your bike when America is White or you got locked-up or spanked. Now only three years to live to star Sirius rising in the west, to see the sun run into by a red dwarf star America might as well fight for Liberty and our rights in America again, a American Military Coup. 

Here America with everyone white is equality and equal opportunity. For anything they are equal to accomplishing. Where, some people are born equals outright. But, others become equals by other means. Yet U.S. Constitution, thus Thomas Jefferson's wishful thinking, for lawyers to use for their purposes, controlling the people, with their legislation's, that keep taking American freedoms away. Legislation, serving political donations, birth of liberalism from his harem of sexy black girls he bought, for sex he raised on his 5,000 acre plantation, business liberalism. His Constitution opposes human nature to be racists and Confederates of White Power, like http://mrinbetween.com

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

 The FUTURE that the Left says they are leading can be destroyed, with the U.S. Armed Forces, if the soldiers of White America want to survive the FUTURE from leading the country astray from its past. When the world needs this genocide and Martial Law I am calling for: A Military Coup and Revolution. 


I am here for all the Americans in America, most of which want an ethnic cleansing throughout the land, westward ho! The world at cold war or hot war all the time here. And Asia to the Arctic verses U.S. Military, enough bombs to blow-up everybody that needs to be for U.S.  immigration problem's a solution in the USA where we the people must go back to take the land and wealth of everyone else there in the way of all white!


The American people do not want our enemies to beat us, in a survival of the fittest-against business and government immagration politics do we?

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I have a space good verses evil comedy here of what Business would like to get with higher wages and profits for the rich, to invest into the U.S. Congresses's Stock Market, to get their SPACE VEHICLE BUILT, where  I would like to throw a Monkey Wrench into their chances. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission to get the American people in charge of destiny, only possible through Revolution!

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Intelligence Agencies find, if U.S. Armed Forces needs my leadership! 1-805-280-1285

To get out of the world alive I don't think you would do it if faced with certain death, to wind up where Enoch did, if left on your own, leaves me to prove there is only one way out alive with a camcorder on I will play back anytime in the past in and out place called God I jump in again.

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Best off I am awakened to pack my guns for U.S. Military, unless I must make Mountain Lions go away "that guard entrance to the other side." Islam and Arabic's with 7 to 1 childbirth invaded Europe like the Plague, where E.U. is better off all raising Nazi Flag

and shooting down or blow-up the invasion! For European Union, with my nuclear solution in my United States of America theology.