Thease are the End of Days,, The Third Party: Power by Default, Don’t Vote, since 1996.

MY POLITICAL SCIENCE IS MARTIAL LAW to political corruption: military coup!


Political solution: I establish Democracy by and for White America,  politics by Default vote Majority U.S.Military, a Militia!


Since Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun to Adolph Hitler, White  American discrimination the nature of the world.  Do gooding White America not understanding the whole world is  our enemy, our Constitution needs my dictatorship for public interests, would never let  America become the way it is today, must organize racists against all odds as a nation to survive in Martial Law, the over 20 million racists have here my Militia house to house roundup and shoot down, with my Power by Default leadership!

U.S. nuclear weapons build-up to WW, pack everything!

The United States lost its world credit rating in 2018. Where the world corporate Business cartel now determines what is money, can manipulate its value to their advantage, U.S. Dollars phased out of purchasing to card in the world now in effect. To win WW take over Business, Military needs switch their allegiance to my leadership for a drastic American social economic racial solution put in Power by Default and Debt Default I Nationalize their estates arm all the racists buy back ships & planes

Space X Launch looked like bomb to blow me away

After finishing the above section to this page I went back to camp to listen to an explosive baseball play-offs game and have a couple of beers in celebration, for completing this page, when a big red ball with a long red tail was approaching in view above, to where it blew-up? The plasma explosion kept getting bigger. So I wondered if I would get blown away with everything around me. Right after it was over a hundred cars were coming down a private mountain road behind a large pack of Harley's.

This is all about racism in the Majority:with all our forces

Grab interest


     U.S. Military makes and harnesses the power of killers, that needs to keep most of them for life to defend territory and secure community life. With good undercover police and security, at work and play, for peace. So far 307 mass murders. Not even racially motivated, only home, random massacres. So I harness the power of Rage, in my dictatorship of HATE, I eliminate black Asian Latin alien, rid us of enemy immigration, deport or can it or it escapes!

In mustard gas I take out Washington, D.C., to get riots and marches going to mow down the Leftists everywhere. Kill or capture the enemy, with the racists in control. While should I fly the Nazi Flag of another country? Instead I raise the Confederate Flag, as an American Flag, over the dead bodies of leftists for a shark feed. My new U.S. Constitution will be the same as the old U.S. Constitution. Exterminating lawyers and their "equal rights", to Mexicans blacks and all the other alien threatening peoples in my racist purge and Shoot to kill immigration policy, in my Martial Law. Power by Default taking out all of the illegal types, where I give them all a week for everyone of them to get out, or I have police in sweeps with militias under U.S. Military support take them out. So enemy die or are refugees, in with all of the other races and ethnic group's immigration. All of the out of 1 to 8 billion more alien and illegal or legal peoples since 1950. All threats to American people, to be independent of integration, with the rich in chains under my racist Nazism, for a White and KKK Hate group rule, killing or enslaving the enemy in my racist representation, we live or die in Revolution drafting Militia, with U.S. racists to fight for racism and Nationalism, liberty profit and privilege.


To stop wild fires in California from the Indians, Mexicans and Latinos starting wildfires in Santa Anna Winds, premeditated plans to burn down thousands of American homes to get jobs for fighting fires. American people there were afraid to say they were intentionally set, Latino fires, Indian campfires. So U.S. Military, if it is capable citizens, we shoot to kill, instead of taking it and go on being paranoid schizophrenics against the street gangs of thieves with our jobs. From the Left all loving their enemies to the end, that all look away from dangers of all of the Business and legislative integration plots, Latin black white Asian executives all soliciting political and lawyer's liberalism for forcing in other races and alien nationalities into every American job, to make us homelessness while getting other customers for Democrat votes. I am just in time with my racist Revolution, in Power by Default a Military dictatorship political solution the Real "Final Solution", White America!

Does American military have all of the weapons necessary to arm every willing American to fight for White American Supremacy? When I purge the USA with racist volunteers and drafted U.S. American Armed Forces. Where I establish 50 state militias of White Americans! The world at constant cold or hot war, with borders and walls, where only one people survives it all, for me to have American people's sports and everything all White again, for a return to Order in America. While I have all the American Indians shipped to Africa, saved.

Democracy would be beautiful all back into the hands of White Americans, with our Tribunals fashioning our liberty according to what we say, good for our skins, in my Martial Law. Instead of Law by and for the rich, in their lying cheating legal system, now Mafia Media, Italian and their women against the American people, with their rule taken over politics for profit verses freedom leftist plot: 1792 Congressional inception of Wall Street. Unless a Military Coup for Militia me. Is it possible to take all that out in Military Coup? As the only way possible American people ever get Representation, with a gold standard, is by my eliminating the Left in a Shoot to Kill! Leftists all arguing about anything shouting down anything the Right says, out of the straight shooting Right the truth from facts. Leftist's, irrational wrong sided impulsive purpose, thus disrupting truth all shout it down, ignoring the facts, believe only their views matter refuse to hear truth, except only in their high societies secrecy's, with their graft plans the enemy, while confiscating tax in profit making conspiracies. I will only end that through Military support, to get government run right. Fill up the detention camps to bomb them, invading all the way around Gulf of Mexico for homeland to be safe on dry land when the star Sirius rises. My racist American takeover over the bodies of leftists for their wealth media and job positions, American Nationalism! Business is in the way of the Right. Military takeover! I scrap Left's limos for more resources to save White America, before long cold night Sun knocked out by a red dwarf star head-on, from the 1st to the last red moon red, a warning! 

I am all for Protestant Christianity. Which is still conservative, racist White America, but now in a America in Catholic illegal and gangster religion invasion lawyer supported, I bloody delete from this country instead of overrun with our enemy aliens and their spies. I'll take it out on lawyers! Where for little children to go safely to Sunday School, if they are White, they will need a whole new Government and join a Militia. Every State in a ethnic cleansing, prepared for a world war, the American people U.S. Military supported and with Police, to capture or destroy is only possible with the American people's Racist patriotic help!  

I should stop at the point in time, to drop into a 1955 meeting of the Generals in the Pentagon, just like Spider-man, on their table, to show and tell U.S. Military why and what for, what to do with the Supreme Court, revolution is necessary. For taking over Mafia the Unions in nationalizing Business, for a war effort, since the world is in a military build-up to destroy the U.S., which is in a full scale invasion of illegals into USA. I raise the standard of living for Whites, my gun full of buck shot in a shoulder holster and bag on in case I have to go back to daddy to get some respect, with a revolution!

Adolf Hitler was a great progressive leader for Germans, as Benito Mussolini was a great anti-crime fighter for Italy's security, while Francisco Franco Spain secured Spain for Spaniards fought against bloodthirsty Republicans, while Joseph Stalin cleansed U.S.S.R. for Soviet Union, all ran dictatorships despotic improved meaningfulness in ideology. White America has a way of life to win another War. Gang up in state militia under U.S. Military, my plan for government and disarm the world.   

Generate excitement


With my social and economic plan, in Power by Default, I have the U.S. government programs all made to serve as normal body functions. So everyone in their own labor pool serving a job everything. I utilize all of the classes of public influence, in my Democracy with all of the body politic of it working for the racist Right. So White America decide everything rule fate in Democracy the people create, from opinion, by my hand.

But as dictator I do not need a political and legal establishment in my way, voting on anything for their subversive measures. Instead I prepare the people for a late 2020 Sudden Ice Age, like stood up Woolly Mammoths chewing flowers, frozen in Siberia glaciers. But if the people cannot vanish I will just have to take everything the people need underground, Industry to fight fate. Constitutional White America restore itself, serve USA in Martial Law, like on and end the establishment's regular increase in cost of living Business creates with equal opportunity laws, reserving benefits to their kind/colored and Latino leftists a scam as it is.

But here with racist extremist leadership, in my Military choice American Armed Forces unite in a military death march we shoot down Media fake radio and the news skit's secret disaster. A red star is coming up to hit the Sun in 2020, after the star Sirius rises, which since 2006 is like a yo-yo going around the Southern Hemisphere down from the Northern Hemisphere and back, for a 2020 Flood and world destroyed by fire. My orders: re-build the USA underground, like on Mars, working in communities subway connected, to survive it all!

In America the human races hate each other, and White Americans. U.S. Constitution by lawyers the Left hate racist White America it has overrun with our enemies at work and in the community, for their master's interracial conspiracy against the White U.S. Majority. America living in a cold war on the streets and at work, wherever White America has to live, forced under the lawyers state of equal opportunity. So U.S. Military, for Power by Default, is that able to overthrow politics for a New Year's Resolution? I offer profit and job opportunity, in a U.S. Military Coup. Where I arm ourselves, in state militias, all 50 in a Military coordinated effort in a revolution of White American citizens, thus purging our selves of alien and integrated peoples. The "genders" hating each other, with votes. But with me in power I eliminate woman's rights, reverted to only the 1st Amendment, I put women back in their place, police can handle if they have to, to deport or they can work on the Farm as slaves.

While in its day the KKK was great, during its days of Segregation. But I will do better than that, in something more like Nazi ways and means, racism to win the West, all the way to completion, making the rules in America through public guidance in Tribunals, for everything, the way White America wants it, while taking liberty over all of the lawyer's and colored and gangster family's dead bodies.

When I was young sports was great for me, in the 1950's, with sports all White, which took me until 1959 waiting for NFL Championship. Sports was meaner without penalty rules, everyone stood-up for our Stars and Stripes at every game. When steroids optional, to take the hard hits, to excel.

We the American People get but do not want U.S. Constitution for lawyer's stepping stones, to sell American people's Constitutional meanings to serve the politicians or any other country, for their business and political agenda's stock market gains, for whatever subversive and political reason for donations. Though in Power by Default my U.S. Military overthrows the political system, to kill its immigration policy, rights back to only Whites. 

My solution is suspend U.S. Constitution, White America! Reserve America to Whites in Military Coup, or only die in the regular increase of cost of living Business creates in its "equality" conspiracy, integration benefits to aliens a benefits scam, where I end making a killing on Wall Street, legislating U.S. jobs sent overseas. Take its wealth and end their politics signing bills.

Some college authorities plan on setting-off Saturn to become the Sun, for when the Sun in 2011 and 2012 turned around in its orbit out of the center of Milky Way Galaxy right back to its center at the red dwarf star coming out straight at it will knock out Sun that bounces away swells up with Earth in a Sudden Ice Age in a day covered in glaciers, or runs into Earth & Sun or knocks the Sun into the Earth. With old warnings like the Sun knocked at the Earth seen in WWI, Portugal Miracle. But too bad the other world cannot say much, but reminders. 

Religion, they are up to no good, Moses' Bible of contradictory statements in his scriptures, out of context Egyptian secrecy's, further distorted by Catholic books of contradictions, to get to see God and what That is all about, to get told I did not see God because of another scripture, made to confound the faithful whenever they choose to attack the faith with debate. So by force the Negative, Allah, all its designs in conflict with substance the positive gravity charge on the physics. Jews perceive the other God, for secret societies, the secret God. Substance of Gravity with design of the World pops up Buddha the tubular Universe, expanding. Put the three one sided religions together, from dividing the Two poles of Gravity, so truth together in a whole religion I know could last a year, until dead or find time for exit out. But the President is only another politician in bed with White America's enemies, for their votes. Illegal's all hired with a iPhone, no speaky English! If they get across the border they get an iPhone and a job, help from all the Latino gangs. 

To represent racism, which is a-kin to patriotism, with me in Power by Default from the not voting we just have a U.S. military takeover. If the U.S. political system cannot avoid Debt Default and WWIII, while replaced with a corporate world order I end with U.S. Military Coup. Assembling 50 State militias in a revolution, halfway between Adolph Hitler creative and Attila the Hun destructive, in Power by Default, or leaving everyone watch Thor and blue Wotan behind a white dwarf star rise up together in 2020 I ascend take all steps over again. That will take all year to get around to buying the little things to take with me, I could be a dictator, while waiting for the desert to cool down again.

Close the deal


To get government out of lawyer's and politician's subversive hands, which serve only money maker and subversive agenda, for them. Save by my rule democracy to do what the White majorities want, but otherwise cannot vote into power, requires U.S. Military tear gas out all state legislatures and High Courts of the land to gun them down and load-up in transports and dump them all out into shark infested waters, therefore establishing my racist U.S. government, unless the Majority of White American racists decide another way to do it.

For this country my step-father to be was putting out Kamikaze fires, on aircraft carrier Wasp, while my real father went to fight Rommel across Africa, to Berlin from Sicily, I waited to be born. While organised crime in America flourished, Italian criminals with insurance and unions and big business exploitation of the American people, politics, inflation of the Dollar, in government business contracts and false advertising. In order to get rid of crime as Leader, in U.S. Military dictatorship I suspend U.S. Constitution for Power by Default, to put the radical Right into power. 

But militia, since humans cannot be reasoned with, they must be regimented and do what they are told or else, in the dictatorships, to achieve the desirable ends that the people want. Thus to get rid of Latin and colored, most of the crime in America, I will have to ask the Italian Nazi Party help me with Mussolini crime fighting, to help me be creative with U.S. Military and 50 State militias, to take out organized crime, as Hate groups take out leftists and their pets, blacks, illegal aliens.

But against the voters wishes most voters got a politically inept President Donald Trump, after organized crime, Obama infiltrated the White American political and economic system with their alien Italian leftist business and media, fattened up with their cash scam politics and the government taxation appropriations bailouts in insurance and white collar graft in their secret society liberalism support of the Left. Here I am justified in Power by Default, my call for Military Coup for the Right, exterminate Latin families like they do it, enemy competition take all, can escape with their skin.

Free in a Revolution militias like to shoot-up and blow-up the enemy I get together as soon as I get into power, a bloodbath to get America back to everyone safe to come home late, so you don't need to lock-up your bicycle can be safe as in the 1950's and earlier, with America White. Where you either got locked-up or spanked for stealing, to have civic morals like needed for civilization to live bunker-ed into mountains for a life without Sun.

Here in America with everyone White is equal opportunity, to find anything they are equal to accomplishing. With most people born equals outright for an education, the others become equals by other talents. But U.S. Constitution is only Thomas Jefferson wishful thinking he set-up for lawyer use, for their own purposes, at getting rich controlling the people‘s future. Politician's legislation's sold for profits, what keeps taking American's freedoms away. The voters serving political donations from the rich, serving alien leftist immigration and Masonic's documented birth of liberalism, for American rights to include all our enemies, serving lawyer profits, Jefferson's harem of sexy black girls he bought for sex, raising blacks to be slaves for his 5,000 acre plantation, legislated his politics of business liberalism for world order, his U.S. Constitution that opposes Human Nature to be racists and Confederates. Here U.S. citizens manipulate my dictatorship with public opinion choices, for Democracy in White Power extremism, with citizen's rule like I have it on, to deal with time.

From 1 billion to 8 billion people, mostly Third World people, since 1950 census. East verses the West, forced to make mass destruction faster and faster, just in time in 68 years for nuclear war. The U.S. Constitution universally proven a falsehood, opposing human nature, lawyers flooding America with aliens our enemies, from everywhere else. So Military Solution: USA needs world war to balance nature, stop pollution, and get rid of all our racial and ethnic enemies. This logical solution is a holocaust in a race war, my issuing of weapons to White America, so I unite extremism, for taking out all of our racial and ethnic enemies, then we take any land we need to survive on into the future I represent Default. Overpopulated for its health, I represent a racist dictatorship cure for America, to restore our land of plenty Win the West, take it all, to be ready to escape to dry land around equator.

While a world Confederation of nation's military powers take back world racism, to benefit all, for eliminating crime and the Left in Military coups? Destroy criminals and ex-convicts crime families, convicts like I see working everywhere or tattooed Latin and black thieves the criminal business threats. Thus my overpopulation cure for the planet, racists make peace for democracy a season of carnage, dumb animal against human nature. 

With hundreds of miles to go, to do something about the future in the past, out of a 90 degree turn from Gravity current wavelength and band width. Charge so worshipful, God down Gravity currents on my hills. The physics chemistry and biology instinct all science laws leave everything alive only free radicals, that only want to rebel! Where the crack in the Universe is a secret tool humans are born with. But aliens do not have one, though they rule the world with schemes and scams, they cannot ascend, go straight to Hell. Cities will not build big ships to survive 2020 if alive to see the oceans go north or south, to take the dry equator, Sirius passing pulls core to Earth stops it's spin like a clutch, Earth's 900 mph spin to do some Rock 'n' Roll, in path of a red dwarf star incoming!

26th of February, is that a National Debt Default ultimatum or else, nuclear war, calling for a preemptive U.S. Military nuclear strike?

But the afternoon of the 25th planes with radar disc on top were coming in one at a time to the Santa Barbara airport. That later all took off in a squadron formation to patrol for nuclear attack, the beginning of talks in Vietnam for Trump and North Korea, while Bernie Sanders sinks, throws smut, telling nothing incriminating to get Trump impeached, the political system a national threat only military power can take out for my 3rd USA. 

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, guns to go shoot-up the alien

The FUTURE that the Left says they are leading can be destroyed, with U.S. Armed Force's soldiers of racist White America 22 million White citizens to arm to survive the FUTURE, from the left, leading the country astray from it's past. Where the USA and the world needs genocide in martial laws, calling for all radical racist, military backed actions!

99 LuftBallons in German, 1983 MTV, close to NAZI beat!

Here is a good Neo-Nazi celebration song to go along with the almost Nazi Jewish comedy STAR WARS. Planet X went behind Sun sat a minute before the Sun sat takes 14 years to go over Australia to rise up in 2020 going away way too close, stops Earth spin so Ocean at equator washes out floods both ends of the Earth hundreds of feet deep. Sirius hit 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars left core of planet Ceres took other that ripped Mars, smashed a planet sharing atmosphere with Mars at nuclear war.

White Wedding - Billy Idol, just being WHITE pack somthin'

Religious warship keeps leading the people’s to believe in a world that is something like the Earth, where they go to begin a new life when they are dead, instead are in their dreaming body at gravity circuit center in Earth‘s core, where they do that to the end of time! Rather on another ritual hike while collecting a charge until stuck I can’t move. But I jump through to drop into the past, all recorded so I might obsolete death and religion.

2016 NASCAR DAYTONA 500 smashing and crashing racing!

Nothing matters in the future unless you can take it to the past. So if you know the element that makes the future you can change the past. Where just about everybody in the whole world is raised to be racists, your competitors at everything, like going on all around here. Earth's 7 inhabited planets of the sun until a star ran into 2 of them between Jupiter and Mars ran a Moon into Earth a Pacific Ocean dent. Everyone evacuated to back of Moon, in case Earth popped, here finish where they began.

Church of The Poison Mind, a whole Earth of them devoted

As Catholics say Jesus Christ is God, like I told Protestant churches in the 1970’s. Looks like it caught on all the way to the Catholic Church, is only true for the sphere of this planet, not true for the rest of the spheres in the Universe, the same stuff that makes Catholicism false religion to say it is a Universal truth, Easter on April Fools Day is a joke. Universally World pops-up into existence like Pluto did, a circle on orbs around Moon popped-out in squirts splatters all around Pluto.

Pluto In A Camera Flyby, 1st news take of this classified

Although Pluto is in a orbit offset from the rest of the planet points’ the Sun solar jetted out Planet X further offset, at the end of points getting back to their places where they pop-up, to expand with the rest of Universe until matter core 87% of the Universe reaches Positive Charge of Gravity “God” where reality shorts out, everything falls back to a point in a circle of points of Universe in a circuit presto Big Bang, points pop-out to their places where they pop-up, do it all over again!

Ancient Hydrogen Bomb Explosions on Mars killed a T-Rex etc.

There were already people from Earth settled on 6 other planets in the inner solar system, before a Grand Canyon on Mars and Earth, when the Sun’s twin ran into 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars took a planet, in a buckshot destroyed a planet in orbit around Mars. On Day 1 the World popped up again Genesis in a Garden, 4.5 billion years ago, on day 1 the Universe popped-up again. With blood vessel valves in people’s limbs made to live on all 4’s in a first Age of life for all the Earth‘ people.

Cities on Jupiter's Moon Ganymede? Looks like bright cities!

4.5 billion years ago everything in the World popped-up causing the Universe to keep on expanding faster and faster, in empty Space that sucks! While in 6 days everything else every people popped-up on Earth at their own places so many different kinds of people. That because they are different they go their separate ways to any other habitable place under the Sun, or they go to war destroy each other and take over hunting grounds, so in their universe there could be peace and love and happiness!

PEACE IN A Box, in a hostile world. So the Gods' rise above.

This is a great time in history to become a god with the gods, to rise above it all. The result reminds me of some ancient religious site in Turkey dug-up. Where scholars were curious why the people buried their dead there had no heads, was symbolic of their ghost looking down over them at their Memorial, a round white sphere to the seer. At this point in time a ghost is one way out to a safe place from the future, with a smile. I will just use my key, for the long strange trip.


First of all I am here for White America, most of which want a ethnic cleansing and a better government and legal system, by popular demand, over business and Wall Street's dead bodies. I'll continue on Westward ho, down through Mexico, a racist for the world at cold war or hot war all the time. Let us just wipe out all of our enemies in America and the world, with in mind Asia to the Arctic verses U.S. Military with bombs to blow-up. I will have a new defense system, there will be no peace on Earth in a dog eat dog world full of life forms that only want to eat you. While I am solving all the immigration problems in the USA first. We the people just go back to taking the land, so taking the casinos and bust Business, killing any Americans in the way of an all White America, to build underground. Bunker in with subways like on Mars, before star Sirius gets too close in 2020, stopping Earth's turning. Locked-up or at large criminals do without paying for, kill them all! Recycle the bars. Industry preparing White America for the Sun bounced away from a red dwarf star build a space city, around nuclear reactor. In Martial Law oppression White's for America's sake, in polls decide my dictatorship. If I see the people’s Majorities can rule, to learn truth's held secret by religion, media politics astronomy and science, secret society ass holes and all, the System to destroy in Military Coups, world wide Martial Law: A Revolution. American armed forces establish world Confederation of military coups for pure democracy, not controlled by private interest groups. Fight for a house and a car with business publicly owned, Insurance, no tax only jobs! Jobs generate credit that pays out in my Bank.

I cannot be reached by phone, only by address.


The American people do not want our enemies to beat us in a survival of the fittest, against Business and Government immigration politic’s leftist Constitution only serving Wall Street interests equality, do we? Unless we can fight that under my Rule to be decided in public Tribunals, for me to represent White America leadership!

Help Our Cause

I have here an outer space good verses evil comedy STAR WARS. About what Business would like to get, from higher wages, profits for the rich investing in the U.S. Congress' Stock Market, to build an escape to Mars from a red dwarf star running into the Sun. Unless in power I get to throw a Monkey Wrench in their chances with White American support, to arm the people and enable us in the Right to meet our goals, improve our conditions. Whatever generous donations possible enable me. If not in power now may I take with me a chance to 1760's White America. To change destiny in America, this winter. U.S. Military needs a new defense system, a armed Revolution, 50 state militias at war at home for Liberty! Shoot to kill everyone Hispanic the only way to get them out.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

ISLAM IS THE ENEMY ANYONE, worshiping 1 pole of Gravity

This caused by religion putting a name on something to worship, that stores designs of whatever is in the World, with physics to go to war. Where immigration is invading I am elected by Default for a racist Martial Law, with a world depopulation plan good for the planet, for leading racists to arm in a door to door Search and Destroy. I found the enemy's GOD to do something with It, for White America's racist tradition survival!

Catch That With A Net

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Intelligence Agencies find, if U.S. Armed Forces need my leadership, the Right in a Reign of Terror!

To get out of the world alive no one else would try it, ignorant faced with certain death, few wind up where Enoch did, left on their own. Last l prove there is only one way out alive, where I play it back in the past out of the in and out place called God, jump in again. To inspire better guns and bombs, data to 1760’s this time, even if in U.S. Military armed forces in a Power by Default I get to restore Racism to its old glory out of my Power by Default and Debt Default Military Dictatorship!

The Third Party

I am just getting ready to leave the place, with it together here to lead Americans out of Debt Default and corporate oppression, in a racist dictatorship, if citizens of nations survive the future, in my racist Debt Default Martial Law!


Better awakened to pack my guns to a U.S. Military militia, or I make Mountain Lions go away to hunt goat elsewhere or vanish there eventually. I could stamp out the Islam alien, Arabic 7 to 1 childbirth invasion of Europe and America, like the Plague. I support E.U. better off raising Nazi Flag. Go shoot down & blow-up the invasion, for European Union, my racist fix, United States of America theology.