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To establish Democracy by and for White America the system must be destroyed captured I decide the fates in Public Tribunals.

STAR WARS 1977 Original

 The New World Order plan of the rich, after finding out from space exploration and powerful telescopes the secrecy the world is going to be destroyed, a red dwarf star hits the Sun in 2020. Their plan is control the people with their paid for legislators to enslave them with a huge tax cut for the rich for higher wages, so USA 2 more trillion dollars in Debt, in their business plans to feast upon, for an escape to Mars, USA under their control to pay for it. Kill them all!

This is all about racism in the Majority, rule.

Grab interest

With mustard gas take out Washington, D.C., to get the riots and marches going to mow down, the Left everywhere to kill or capture! Rather racists in control, fly the Nazi Flag of another country? Fly the Confederate Battle Flag, an American Flag, over the dead bodies and U.S. Constitution  lawyers "equals" Mexicans blacks and all, in my shoot to kill immigration policy. Military power, I take out all the illegal types, give them to 2019, everyone of them get out or police sweeps with militia and U.S. Military support they die or refugees, all the other races and ethnic groups from imigration in a 1 to 8 billion more people since 1950. Where Americans to be independent of the rich we kill them, take everything for representation, live or die in Revolution, draft soldiers racists to fight for racism and nationalism for a profit!


To stop the wild fires in southern California from Mexicans, ever since 1948, started fires in Santa Anna Winds all premeditated plans to burn

down thousands of American people’s homes. Americans there said they were afraid to say that they were intentionally SET! So pack your guns U.S. Citizens, where it is better off to be paranoid schizophrenics against street gangs and the Left loving their enemies, to the end all looking away from the dangers and Business plots, that solicit politicial and lawyer liberalism, forcing in other races and foreign nationalities into every American Community, for customers and votes. I am just in time with my Racist Revolution, The Real Solution!

Do the American people have the weapons necessary to arm every willing American to fight for White American supremacy? The racist volunteers and draftees U.S. Military to choose militia from American people, in a world at constant cold or hot war only one people survives! So we the people sports and everything all White again.

Democracy would be beautiful in the hands of White Americans by tribunal fashioning their liberty according to what they say, good for our skins, in-my Martial Law, instead of Law by and for the rich in a lying cheating Legal System with the Media against American people for a profit. A 1792 political inception, of Wall Street. U.S. Military and Militia take that out. Military Coup our only way the American people get representation and gold, eliminate the left in a shoot to kill. Leftists argue about anything shout down anything the right say, the straight shooting Right, who reason out the truth from facts. Leftists an irrational wrong sided impulsive purpose to disrupt the truth, shout it down or ignore the right, believe only their views matter, do not want to hear the truth except in their high societies, with graft made to confiscate from the profit making conspiracies, to get government run right fill WWIII Death Camps at home in the USA and invade all the way around Gulf of Mexico a homeland to be safe on dry land, when Sirius rises, over bodies of leftists for their wealth media and job position nationalism Business in the way of Right, under my Military power. Scrap all their limo's for ships to save White America, before the dark star Sirius rises in May before sunlight goes-out in Fall 2020, hit by a red dwarf star head-on.

Generate excitement

My social-economic plan, take over U.S. government the programs everything, a Military Coup dictatorship. The people decide everything on the job, employed in a democracy they create by my hand in polls.

By racist extremism leadership a choice. American Armed Forces unite in military death march shoot down the Media a fake, Leftist anyone. Coincidently a red star coming up to hit the Sun, soon after the star Sirius rises. Which since 2006 like a yo-yo goes around Earth’s southern hemisphere from northern hemisphere and back, for a 2020 hell! I build USA underground, like on Mars, the communities subway connected.

In America the human races hate each other, with the U.S. Constitution by lawyers, in a cold war on the streets and at work wherever the American people have to live under the state of equal opportunity.  That the Majority of White America would like to overthrow. Therefore I offer U.S. Military a Coup, to arm ourselves into State militias, all Military coordinated for Revolution of American citizen's to purge us of alien peoples. Where the Genders hate each other, so with me in power I eliminate woman's rights back to only a First Amendment, to put women back in their place, that police can handle.

Where the KKK was good during the days of Segregation I will do better than that, in something more like Nazi ways and means I go on winning the West, to completion, while making civilization in America anything like American citizen‘s want! By Revolution take liberty, killing and/or deporting lawyers.

When I was young sports was great for me in the 1950's, when sports was all White, that took until 1959 for an NFL Championship, teams still all White everyone stood-up for our Stars and Stripes every game!

We the American People get but do not want a U.S. Constitution for lawyer's,  business using the Constitutional meanings to serve non-whites, for business and political agendas to get leftist politicians elected. Where I say Military overthrow the political system, immigration policy. A solution, suspend Constitution! White America to restore itself out of Military Coup by Revolution, http://www.misterinbetween.com, or die in the regular increase in the cost of living Business equality conspiracy  creates, refusing benefits in a political game, making a killing, scam.

Some authorities want to set-off Saturn to becoming the sun, for when the sun in 2011 and 2012 turned around in its orbit out of the Milky Way Galaxy back towards its Center right at a red dwarf star, coming out straight at it knocks out the sun's lights so it swells up, the Earth in an Ice Age covered with glaciers.

But as a dictator I do not need a political and legal system in my way, voting on anything for their subversive measures. Instead I will just prepare the people for a 2020 Sudden Ice Age, like stood up Wooly Mammoths chewing flowers, frozen in glaciers. But if the people can‘t vanish I could just take everything the people need underground, fight fate!

Close the deal

We have an inept President Donald Trump, because organized crime  infiltrated into the American political and economic system Italian leftist business media and government fattened up with cash Scam Politics, taxation, insurance Business. White colar graft secret society crimes of the Left. Thus Military Coup White, Right. Exterminate Latin families like they do, enemies, confiscate everything! They can escape.

 I use to like to draw and dimension tools and dies, that are all done by robots in China now, makes me unemployed. I will work here finishing up on this page, and

go do something about the future in the past out of 90 degrees to Gravity Current only detected by science as a wavelength and bandwidth over a wide area, gravity current, undetected pouring a charge called God down the gravity current. Charge and current side by side like Gods, only physics chemistry biology and science Laws, only keeps on working the way they do, leaving everything alive free radicals that Rebel!

Free in Revolution militias like to shoot-up and blow-up enemies! While sport‘s life was great for me in America in the 1950's, where everyone was White until after 1959 NFL Championship and all the Bowl games still White, when everyone was safe to come home late, and you did not need to lock-up your bike with America White, or you got locked-up or spanked stealing, to massive before the star Sirius rises in the west, to see the sun run into by a red dwarf star, panic. America might as well fight for Liberty and our rights in U.S. Military and in militias, in the racists Martial Law, make America White in the world war.

Here in America with everyone white is equal opportunity. For anything they are equal to accomplishing, so most people born equals outright for school, while others become equals by other tallents. Yet U.S. Constitution only Thomas Jefferson's wishful thinking, for lawyers to use for their purposes controlling the people‘s future, their legislation's for profit, that keeps taking American freedoms away. The votes serving political donations. Birth of liberalism from his harem of sexy black girls he bought for sex, while raising slaves for his 5,000 acre plantation, the politics of business, liberalism. So his Constitution opposes human nature to become racists, and the Confederates of White Power, like I have here on my http://mrinbetween.com 

From 1 billion to 8 billion people since 1950 census in 68 years, the third world Constitution flooding America with aliens our enemies, the best is WWIII to balance nature and get rid of our racial and ethnic enemies. A holocaust of race war I issue weapons to White America, to unite ourselves and take out all of our racial and ethnic enemies, and take what land we need to survive the future, the world overpopulated for its health, in my dictatorship cure, to restore America, in the land of plenty. 

But a world Confederation of military power taking back citizens and deporting others and destroying the criminals ex-convicts and all, I see working everywhere tattooed, threats. Where with overpopulation cured for the planet, peace and Democracy.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

 The FUTURE, that the Left says they are leading can be destroyed with U.S. Armed Forces, soldiers of racist White America 22 million, to survive the FUTURE, the left leading the country astray from its past. Where USA and the world needs genocide in martial law, calling for radical forces!

99 LuftBallons, in German, 1983 MTV

Here is a good Neo-Nazi celebration song to go along with the Neo-Nazi Jewish comedy STAR WARS. While Planet X went behind the sun and sat a minute before the sun sat, takes 14 years to go over Australia to rise in 2020 up to go away way too close the Ocean at equator washes out floods both ends of the Earth hundreds of feet deep, it hit 2 planets between Jupiter and Mars left core of planet Ceres and took its other ripped Mars smashing a planet it shared atmosphere with Mars, in a nuclear war.

White Wedding - Billy Idol

Religious warship keeps leading the people’s to believe in a world that is something like the Earth, where they go to begin a new life when they are dead. Instead are in their dreaming body at gravity center, Earth‘s core. Where they do that, to the end of time! Rather on another ritual hike collecting a charge until cannot move jump, so I drop into the past with it all on camera I obsolete death, religion.


Nothing matters in the future unless you can take it to the past. So that if you know the element that makes the future you can change the past. With just about everybody in the whole world raised to be a racist and your competitors at everything, on all around you.

Humanity from 7 inhabited planets of the sun a star ran into 2 of them between Jupiter and Mars, ran the Moon into the Earth for a Pacific Ocean dent, while everyone evacuated to the Moon, since time they all finish where they began.

Church of The Poison Mind

As Catholics say Jesus Christ is God, I told Protestant churches in the 1970’s - that looks like it caught on all the way to the Catholic Church - is only true for the sphere of this planet and not true for the rest of the spheres in this Universe, makes Catholicism a faulse religion to say it is a Universal truth. Easter on April Fools Day, is a joke. Universally the World pops-up into existence like Pluto did with a circle on orbs where Chiron popped out in squirts, splatters all around Pluto.

Pluto, In A Camera Flyby

Although Pluto is in a orbit offset from the rest of the planets, the sun solar jetted out, Planet X is further offset at the end of points getting back to their places where they pop-up, to expand with the rest of Universe until Cord of galaxies around it reaches the Positive Charge of Gravity “God” where reality shorts out, so everything falls back to a point in a circle, at center of space in a circuit a Big Bang points pop-out to their places where they pop-up spheres to do it all over again

Ancient Hydrogen Bomb Explosions On Mars

There were already people from Earth settled on 6 other planets in the inner solar system before a Grand Canyon on Mars and Earth, when the Sun’s twin ran into two planets between Jupiter and Mars. That took a planet and destroyed a planet in orbit around Mars. On Day One the World popped up again Genesis in a Garden 4.5 billion years ago, shortly after the World popped up again the blood vessel valves in people’s limbs made to live on all 4’s in a first Age of life, for all the Earth people’s.

Cities on Jupiter's Moon Ganymede?

4.5 billion years ago everything in the World popped-up caused the Universe to keep on expanding faster and faster in empty Space, that sucks! Where in 6 days everything and every people popped-up on Earth in their own places, so many different kinds of people. That because they are different they go their separate ways to any other habitable place under the Sun, or go to war they destroy each other and take over hunting grounds. So that in their universe, there can be peace love and happiness!

Oakland Coliseum, 1993, Grateful Dead

This is a great time in history to become a god with the gods, and rise above it all, reminds me of some ancient religious site in Turkey dug up where they were curious why the people buried their dead there had no heads was symbolic of their ghost as seen looking down over them, at their Memorial, by the seer. At this point in time a ghost is one way out to a safe place or in by key!


First of all I am here for White Americans, most of which want an ethnic cleansing to overthrow government and the legal system do it again, continue Westward ho down through Mexico the world at cold war or hot war all the time, let us just wipe out our enemies in America and the world. Keeping in mind Asia to the Arctic verses U.S. Military with bombs to blow-up everybody, unlikely there will be peace the world over. Dog eat dog world full of animals that only want to eat you. While I solve all of the U.S. immigration problems in the USA first. We the people just all go back to taking the land, cash in the casinos and bust business kill any Americans in the way of all White America, build underground bunkered in with subways like at Mars, before Sirius gets too close in 2020 or be destroyed. In lock-ups or at large, do without paying for, no crime or dIe I prepare White America for Sun bounced away from a red dwarf star build a city around a nuclear reactor in space, in Martial Law oppression for White America. In polls I decide my dictatorship, to see if the people’s Majority’s can rule, to learn the truth held secrets by religion media politics astronomy and science, secret society ass holes and all, The System to destroy in Military Coups world wide martial law Revolution for me to unite and establish a world Confederation of military coups, for a world of pure democracies not controlled by private interest groups. Work for house and car, business public owned, insurance no tax, jobs!


The American people do not want our enemies to beat us in a survival of the fittest, against business and government and immigration politics, do we?

Help Our Cause

I have here an outer space good verses evil comedy STAR WARS about what Business would like to get from higher wages, profits for the rich investing in the U.S. Congress‘ Stock Market for an escape to Mars, from a red dwarf star running into the Sun. Where unless I get to throw a Monkey Wrench into their chances. Your support and contributions will enable us the Right to meet our public goals and improve conditions, if generous donations enables me to get the American people in charge of our destiny. That is only possible through an armed Revolution. Where I need U.S. Military, in action, for Liberty.

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This caused by religion putting a name on something to worship, that stores designs of whatever is in the world, with physics to go to war. Where immigration is invading I am elected by default, my racist Martial Law, a world depopulation plan good for the planet, with racists to arm, for a door to door search and destroy, find their GOD to do something with It, we need.

Catch That With A Net

Drop us a line!

Intelligence Agencies find, if U.S. Armed Forces need my leadership: The Right in a Reign of Terror!

To get out of the world alive no one else would try it, faced with certain death, to wind up where Enoch did, left on their own, next l prove there is only one way out alive, to play it back in the past, out of the in and out place called God, jump in again, but inspire better guns and bombs with data to 1760’s this time, even if in U.S. Military armed forces power I restore racism to old glory, out of Debt Default.

The Third Party

(805) 280-1285 if turned on I have everything together to lead Americans out of debt default and corporate oppression, only by my racist dictatorship might the peoples of nations survive the future, Debt Default set for October 10 for my Martial Law.


Better awakened to pack my guns to U.S. Military militia, or make Mountain Lions go away to hunt goat elsewhere vanish there eventually, after I stamp out the Islam alien Arabic 7 to 1 childbirth invasion of Europe America like the Plague. So I support E.U. better off  raising the Nazi Flag shoot down and blow-up the invasion, for their European Union, a nuclear solution, United States of America theology.